Difference Between Ivory and Cream

Ivory Vs. Cream: What Are The Differences

Though both ivory and cream colors might appear similar to the naïve eye, the differences are quite noticeable when you are choosing home decors or paint in either color. And the effect of both colors will be quite drastic if used incorrectly, as the colors should not be interchanged.

To help you understand what makes them different from each other despite falling under the same shade category, here is our take on ivory vs cream.


Ivory Vs Cream: An Overview

The color ivory is comparatively softer than cream due to its warm brown undertones, which is easy and soothing on the eye. Despite having a warm yellow undertone, the cream color tends to be quite the eyecatcher.

Often ivory is a widely used color for fabric, be it trousers, shirts, or even wedding gowns—the mellow color suits people of every complexion. However, after a couple of years, ivory paint might take a more yellowish tone that resembles cream.

The cream color is mostly used for home décor and wall paint. It is also used in fabric, but it is highly recommended to use this in moderation, as the yellowish tone might make clothes appear old or dull.

Though both shades might appear similar, combining both might be a disaster as the colors do not complement each other.


What is Ivory?

Ivory color

Ivory is a color that resembles the dentine of an elephant. A shade that falls under white yet has warm brown undertones that make the color more soothing and appealing. The color is widely popular for every kind of fabric material as the neutral color suits people of all ages.

This shade complements other shades of similar undertones, such as cobalt blue and grey.


What is Cream?

Cream Color

As the name suggests, the color is one that resembles the shade you can see on the butterfat of milk. Cream is a warm yellowish tone that is often used as wall paint and cooking appliances. Though the shade can be categorized as one that falls under white, it can also be described as a combination of pale yellow and white.

Cream compliments warm undertones such as caramel, peanut, and so on.

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Main Differences Between Ivory and Cream

  • While ivory has brown undertones, cream has yellow undertones.
  • Ivory is most commonly used for fabric, while cream is a go-to color for wall paints.
  • As paint, ivory might take on a yellowish hue after some years, while cream is likely to stay the same.


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Comparison Table Between Ivory and Cream

Below is a comparison table between ivory and cream that will help you see and compare both colors at a glance.

Parameter of Comparison

Ivory Cream
Description The name ivory comes from the white dentine in elephants’ tusks, indicting the same color

Cream color is one that looks similar to the butterfat of milk


Ivory is less blinding than white and quite soothing to the eye

Cream is less blinding than white yet a very bright and noticeable color


Ivory has pale and brown like undertones

Cream has a yellowish undertone


Ivory is commonly used for home décor, wedding gowns, and wall paint

Cream is commonly used for wall paint and often home décor


Final Words

You might wonder why ivory and cream, the two different shades of white, are not usually recommended to use on the same palette. The reason lies behind how selecting shades of the same undertones is key to balancing out a palette.

And as you have gone through our detailed guide on cream vs ivory color, this step will be a breeze for you.

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