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Juvederm Vs. Restylane: Which One Is Better?

Most beauty enthusiasts think that Juvederm and Restylane don’t have much of a difference. Both of these dermal fillers (of course injectable) utilize HA, a.k.a hyaluronic acid so that you can have a volume replacement benefit to lift the skin and eradicate the wrinkle.

And of course, both of them are non-surgical. You can use either of them on your face.  True that! They’ve got lots of similar attributes. However, they do have some key differences and that’s what we’re going to discuss on.

Let’s check out the difference between Juvederm and Restylane.


Restylane Vs. Juvederm: The Differences

Plump Look

Cosmetic plastic surgeon injecting restylane under eye

Restylane is such a product that tends not to absorb a lot of water. So, that makes it amazing to use for your under-eye area. It is such an area that tends to absorb more water and make you look puffy, which isn’t a desirable look. What Restylane does is it doesn’t allow a lot of water to be absorbed.

And that, my friend, helps you to not look puffy all day long. Instead, Restylane is a very good hyaluronic acid source. And if you have followed any beauty guru at all for even a small amount of time, you know how hydrating hyaluronic acid is. And hydration does not equal water accumulation, so don’t let that confuse you.

In this case, Juvederm does just the opposite, and it promotes water accumulation which gives a plumper appearance. Is that a bad thing? Not at all! You just have to be a little smart and know where to use what. If you use Juvederm for your lip area, then that enhances the pout of your lips.

So, that is always a good thing for a lot of people looking for such effects.


Difference in Formula

Both of the fillers are HA (hyaluronic acid) based formula. HA retains moisture 1000 times more than its own weight, so you can imagine how hydrating these are. Also, this is what makes them able to add the desirable plumpness to the skin. Plus, because of the presence of HA, there is no risk of allergic reactions in the future.



There is a huge difference in their texture. Restylane is kind of grainy, and Juvederm is silky smooth of a filler. But both of them have different usage as well.

You would want to use Juvederm for smoothening some fine lines and wrinkles and Restylane for enhancement in certain areas, such as sunken cheekbones or other parts of your body where you want a little more volume.


Which Is More Painful?

Juverdam for Lip Augmentation

None of them are. Fillers are non-surgical procedures that get done by professionals. They don’t get mixed in with your body. Neither do they become a part of your body. Rather they just sit in your desired place to look a certain way. This procedure doesn’t hurt.

In case anything does hurt, then there is something wrong, and you should seek immediate medical attention.


How Long Does It Last?

As both of them have hyaluronic acid present in them, that means the acid from each filler will get dissolved in the course of time. So, patients need to or are advised to maintain a schedule for reapplication every 9 to 12 months.

This is because the hyaluronic acid present in each filler will naturally get dissolved in the bloodstream, and the results will fade away. If you want to maintain the look, then reapplication is necessary.



Restylane in this category wins because they cost significantly less. But can you really compare them in this criterion? Because the results are fundamentally different; thus, the cost comparison isn’t really justified.

An injection of Restylane can set you back up to 300 to 650 dollars. At the same time, an injection of Juvederm can cost you about 650 dollars on average. Plus, you have to keep in mind that each patient will need a different dosage.


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In conclusion, the difference between Juvederm and Restylane isn’t a lot but is a lot at the same time. There are tiny attributes in each that can result in major changes.  If getting smoothness to your skin is your first priority, you should get yourself Juvederm.

But judging from the price, we’d rather recommend Restylane. Now, even though it won’t get you the smoothness as Juvederm does, it won’t be that bad either. As I said, both of them are quite the same despite the differences mentioned above.

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