Sealed Vs. Expunged

Difference Between Sealed and Expunged

When it comes to the difference between sealed and expunged, not only is it widespread, but they are complete opposites.

Sealed means something that is closed off securely. Normally, items are sealed as a testament to them being intact and pure. Another case of sealing is seen in coffins and crypts. In those cases, it is done to prevent anyone from opening the container or object for any purpose at all.

On the other hand, expunge means extracting or remove something. It is different from regular removal in the sense that it is done in case of elements that aren’t mean to be in a place or something that is making the entire unit unpleasant.


Sealed Vs. Expunged: A Brief

Differences between sealed and expunged can primarily found behind the purposes of the activity itself. Something is generally sealed for safekeeping and to maintain its purity.

On the other hand, we expunge something because they are distasteful or an unwelcome addition to a mix. Anything getting expunged naturally indicates that it is out of order.

The value of an object can also be determined when using these two words. In case something gets sealed, it typically indicates that it is valuable and therefore should not be accessed.

On the other hand, expunging something means that the object is unnecessary or doesn’t add any value. It can also mean that it decreases the overall worth of the thing.

They are polar opposites like the two sides of a coin. Both terms modify an object to be exact opposites of each other.


What Is Sealed?


Anything that is closed off with the intention of not opening again or opening it might devalue the object is called sealed. It’s normally done to protect the sanctity or purity of a substance. Safekeeping can be another intention behind this activity. Objectively, protection is to be ensured through it.

Something that is sealed usually indicates that you are not to open it. Even if opening it is an option, you can do it in certain circumstances only. From store products to graves, having things sealed is a popular method of increasing its overall worth. A sealed object is considered valuable in utility as well.

When it comes to items in a grocery shop, consumers will go for the ones that are sealed. As they signal freshness and people are by default attracted to getting the healthier option. It also signals safety and security.


What Is Expunged?


Expunged is a very negative word. It is normally associated with something that is disliked or unpleasant. Objects that are expunged are normally harmful or of low quality. From concrete objects to abstract concepts, expunging normally indicates not wanting to have to do anything with the object it is associated with.

Ideally, something is expunged when it’s a part of a mixture or a collective. Bad memories, criminals, and misdeeds are normally associated with it. Human beings do not prefer holding onto traumatic experiences, and therefore, they are expunged, never to be reinjected into their lives.

People repel things that are expunged. They consider it to be unattractive or useless and therefore do not want to be associated with it. Objectively, waste or excess substances require removal. They are not useful in any way, and there are no benefits to keeping them around.


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Main Differences Between Sealed and Expunged

Here, we’ll tell you about the key differences between them;

Sealed Expunged
1. It is done to protect or preserve something. 1. It is done to remove or extract an object.
2. It indicates insertion and safety. 2. It indicates removal or expulsion.
3. Sealing is normally done to secure something positively. 3. Expunging is done to remove a negative element to purify something.
4. It indicates purity and sanctity. 4. It indicates dirtiness and evil.
5. It is typically applicable to concrete things. 5. It is applicable to both concrete objects and abstract concepts.



The difference between sealed and expunged is clear and direct. There is no reason to be confused by these two terms. In fact, they are polar opposites and far apart in nature.

A sealed item attracts people, whereas an expunged substance is disposed of by us. Now that you have gone through this article, we hope now you can more clearly differentiate them.

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