Difference Between Grammar and Syntax

A common misconception you might come across: Grammar and Syntax are the same things. Do not worry, if you too think there is no difference between grammar and syntax!

Not only the general people but many also English and Literature scholars sometimes jumble up the two terms. So, there is no need to be embarrassed if you thought these two words are the same.

Here you will finally be enlightened and learn the fine-line-difference between the two.

In this article, we will be talking about the difference between Grammar and Syntax in detail. We will provide you with tons of relevant information on the topic, and by the end, you should know everything about these two words.


What Are Grammar and Syntax?

If you want a good understanding of the two words, the first thing you have to do is work the fundamentals.

What we are trying to say is that we need in-depth knowledge about the words. Now, you might think that searching in Wikipedia will give you all the info you need about the topic.

You are an itsy-bitsy wrong in this case! Yes, understanding the definition is indeed essential. However, just reading the meaning is not enough. You will require a tad more. That ‘more’ we are referring to, you will find it here, so please help yourself!



  • Definition and Importance of Grammar

In short, Grammar is everything in a language. It determines the structure that a language is based on. Now, that includes Syntax itself and numerous other things like morphology, etc.

Furthermore, Grammar is responsible for determining how a sentence, clause, phrase, or word is built to give a more sensible sound. Everything starts from how a word or phrase functions, its class, inflection, ad so much more.

Even features like accidence like Syntax, orthography, and several others, are all associated with Grammar.

Briefly explained, Grammar is the crucial system from which all the other branches that make up a language tend to move. So, it is safe to say that Syntax is also a part of Grammar.

  • More About Grammar

Now, Grammar comes in two variants: Perspective and Descriptive.

You should know, perspective grammar deals with proviso and narration of how a user should be using the grammar arrangement.

Nonetheless, descriptive Grammar is based more on how the speaker or writer is trying to tell the audience. Now, you can choose the style you think suits you the most.

Besides, the structure of Grammar depends heavily on the language. For instance, English follows formats where everything revolves mostly on subject, verb, and object patterns.

On the other hand, Hindi follows a structure that contains a pattern of subject, object, verb. Now, if you go to another language, it will have a different pattern.




  • Definition and Importance of Syntax

If Grammar is the entire language infrastructure, then Syntax is the fundamental build of your Grammar. Hence, it is wise to consider that without Syntax, your Grammar will be incomplete.

You require a properly constructed syntax structure for a well-versed and well-formed sentence. Moreover, Syntax can be associated with linguistics that deals with the study of sentence structure.

If you have a good grasp of your syntax-ing, you should form more appropriate sentences as you would have a piece of good knowledge about the principles, processing, rules, and everything. And this is not only applicable only for English but all other languages.

  • More About Syntax

Conventionally, syntaxes are constructed of two parts. One is for the subject, and another part is for the predicate. Also, it helps with differentiating between the parts of the sentences.

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Main Differences

  • Grammar governs how a language is going to be, whereas Syntax decides the word pattern.
  • The Syntax is descriptive, while Grammar is perspective.
  • Grammar is everything in linguistic, and Syntax is part of Grammar.


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Grammar Vs Syntax: A Comparison Table

If you are looking for a quick summary of Grammar vs Syntax, this is the perfect place for you. In this section, we are going to provide you with in-depth information regarding the topic. Therefore, we suggest that you keep on reading.





Grammar is the absolute rule that you will have to follow whenever you are constructing a sentence. It governs how a word, phrase, sentence, or clause will be used in a sentence.

The Syntax is the set of rules, processes, and principles that will follow while constructing a sentence. It is the keystone attribute that controls how a sentence will be formed and structured for any sentence.


It is the description of all the predictable patterns within a language. Grammar consists of accidence, orthography, morphology, and Syntax.

On the other hand, Syntax is a part of Grammar.


Grammar deals with how a sentence is going to be constructed.

The Syntax is more about the order and pattern of the words, clauses, or sentences.


They are used in your everyday life and every other language.

We use Syntax more formally.


Final Words

The relationship between Syntax and Grammar is that of a car and its engine. The Syntax is the engine that drives the entire system whereas, Grammar is the entire car itself. Luckily, you will not need it in your daily life if you are not pursuing a career in some linguistic department.

Anyways, thanks to our difference between grammar and syntax guide, even if you had any issues, we are pretty confident that they all should be cleared by now.