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What Are The Differences Between Dumplings and Wontons?

Imagine you are in a restaurant, and you order Wontons. When the waiter arrives with your dish, you are utterly disappointed because you thought they would be dumplings, and now you cannot even tell anyone about it because you do not know the difference between dumplings and wontons.

In another case, you are cooking a romantic dinner for your wife. She likes wonton or dumplings. Nonetheless, you don’t know the difference, and you end up cooking the wrong dish. That could ruin the date! Anyways, to save you from all these and many other embarrassing situations, we have devised this article.

By the end of the article, we assure you that you will become a Master chef on Wontons and Dumplings.


What Is Dumpling?


Well, before we can start learning about wontons, it is essential that we understand what a dumpling is. So, all our dumpling-rooters out there, before you stop here, we urge you to read forward. The reason behind this is that wontons are a type of dumpling.

That is why it is necessary that we start by reading more about dumplings first.



Dumplings have a very stuffed look. They come in two main shapes. One has a round-ish shape with a pointed tip, and the other option looks more like a folded leaf. Now, texture-wise, dumplings have a much fuller and thicker exterior (more precisely called a wrap), which is why they have such a soft and chewy texture.

All of this is made of the extravagant and easy-to-find ingredients like wheat flour mixed with water. Also, the boiled water further allows you to create the silky and mushy surface that a dumpling has to have. About the shape, that depends on the type of dumpling you are trying to make.



One lucrative thing about dumplings is that they are not very heavily seasoned. Even the stuffing is mildly flavored with perfectly smelling spices, which begets that rewarding and delicious taste. Moreover, due to its soft seasoning, you can dip it in a sauce and then eat it.

By the way, dumplings can may or may not contain filling. And if they are filled, they generally are filled with chicken, vegetables, fish, and beef. Believe us, if you have not tried out a dumpling you are missing out on all the fun, my friend.



Dumplings have a very unique factor, their diversity. If you search online ‘types of dumplings,’ we are pretty confident that you should come across at least seven different ones.


What Is Wonton?

fried wonton

Now, let us move to the next topic, which is wontons. We have already stated that wontons are a variant of dumplings. Let us find out more about the dish!



Unlike the conventional round or leaf-like dumplings, wontons have a different shape. They are generally in a triangular shape and have all the filling at the center. So, as you go towards the middle, you are going to be gifted with that exceptionally tasty filling.

One more thing about wontons is that they have a very thin exterior. If you give it a look, we are pretty sure that you will be able to distinguish where all the stuffing is at. Also, the exterior of wontons varies from being crunchy to soft.



Now, wontons have to be enjoyed with some stuffing. And the best part is that they taste good with almost any type of stuffing that you desire. If you want to enjoy a good wonton, you can pack it with chicken, fish, beef, or you can opt for the healthier alternative, which is vegetables.

Nonetheless, a wonton’s filling is usually made from highly seasoned stuffing. Due to this, you should not enjoy them with any dip, as that will overpower the delicious inners. Also, as it is heavily flavored, having it without any stuffing is not a very wise idea.

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Main Difference Between Dumplings and Wontons

Now that we are done giving a complete walkthrough of everything wontons and dumplings have to offer, we shall focus more on the differences.

  • Wontons have a thinner exterior compared to dumplings.
  • Dumplings have a round flower-like shape or have a half-leaf structure. Wontons come with more of a triangular build.
  • Dumplings can be consumed with or without any filling. Wontons have to be eaten with fillings.
  • Wontons are not suitable for eating with dips. On the other hand, dumplings can be eaten with or without any dipping sauce.
  • Dumplings are lightly seasoned, and Wontons have heavy seasoning.
  • Wonton is a variation of dumplings.


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Wonton Vs Dumpling: The Comparison Table

What is the best way of getting the gist of the difference between the two dishes? Well, it is this table. It contains all the essential information that is relevant to the topic. Therefore, we suggest that you give this a thorough read before you proceed any further.

Features That Differ Wontons Dumplings
Shape Wontons have a very exquisite shape. They have a triangular shape at the edges, and the center of the dish is filled with stuffing. However, the center has an oval-ish shape and contains all the yummy stuffing. Dumplings have a very wide and circular structure. It is more like a soft flower that rewards you with delicious stuffing and seasoned vegetables.
Wraps Wontons have a very thin exterior. Sometimes it is soft and at times it is crunchy.  That crunchy or chewy texture you feel is all due to the sophisticated and thin wrapping used in wontons. Dumplings have a softer texture. Remember that soft and chewy texture that blends with the rich and flavorsome stuffing? Yes, my friend, that is a dumpling. Also, it has a very soft and delicate feel when touched. Furthermore, it has a thick wrap.
Types & Origins Wontons are a variant of dumplings. These Chinese cuisines are sometimes crafted as a crunchier counter for their more delicate cousin. And sometimes it is soft and chewy like dumplings. Honestly, the texture depends on the country.

Dumplings are a Chinese dish. Here is a list of all of them

  1. Shui Jiao Dumplings are traditional water-boiled dumplings that look more like folded leaves. These are compatible with almost all types of stuffing, like chicken, beef, etc.
  2. Xiao Long Bao Dumplings are the ones that might come across your head every time you hear dumplings. They have a pouch-like formation in which all the stuffing is present.
  3. Guo Tie Dumplings have become the top choice in many western countries. They are called potstickers as well.

Apart from these three, there are numerous other options like:

  1. Banh Bot Loc Dumplings
  2. Gyoza Dumplings
  3. Mandu Dumplings
  4. Wonton Dumplings

And the best thing is that all of these variants originated from China!

Stuffing Wontons are never served without something inside. They have always been served with beef, chicken, fish, vegetables, and numerous other ingredients. The attractive thing about dumplings is that they can be eaten with and without anything inside.
Sauce One thing that you will never see with wontons is a dipping sauce. You should know, the fillings of wonton are properly seasoned, and hence, the sauce will overpower or ruin the taste. The inners of a dumpling are sometimes lightly seasoned, and sometimes they are fully seasoned. Hence, if you want, you can dip them in a sauce (only the ones that are lightly seasoned) and enjoy it.



Wontons and dumplings are some of the most enjoyed appetizers in the world. They have a delicate and soft texture (wontons might have a hard and crunchy taste), which is the perfect dish to stir your appetite. However, both of them have very different tastes and outlooks.

So, it is necessary to know the difference between dumplings and wontons, which was perfectly described in our article.

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