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Neanderthal VS. Homo Sapien: What Are the Differences?

Not too many people are aware, but somewhere around 30 decades ago, a species called the Neanderthals lived alongside the humans. They were so similar to humans that distinguishing between Neanderthal and human was often confusing.

The homo sapien species and the Neanderthal species at some point even interbred. It is said that till date, Neanderthal DNA can be found in some humans.


Differences between Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens

This close cousin was remarkably identical to us humans but yet they were different from our race. So, how Neanderthals are different from Homo sapiens? Let’s find out!

Biological Differences

One can identify which race a species belongs by looking for certain traits and biological differences that are inherent differences between the two.

The easiest and most evident way of telling a Neanderthal apart from Homo sapiens is by looking at three highlighting aspects, namely their height, size, and morphological features. Neanderthals as a pose to human beings were, in fact, shorter in height and supported smaller frames with regard to size.

Human beings, on the other hand, had larger frames for bodies and were also quite different with regard to form and structure which could be seen in parts such as the shape of the skull and the teeth.

The DNA was also a telling difference of course, although most mammals share many commonalities in their DNAs, it’s the small differences that set species apart.

If you look into the fossils left behind or other archaeological remains, it shows that there is an extremely evident difference in the DNAs of Neanderthals as a pose to Homo sapiens.

This shows that Neanderthals VS. Homosapiens are different and are different species altogether, despite some homo sapiens having small amounts of Neanderthal DNA present in their bodies.

The Neanderthal had a different composition inside the brain itself, and they had a larynx that was higher up while also being more significant than that of a Homo sapien.

Major Differences Between Race and Ethnicity


Difference In Appearance

Neanderthal vs. Homosapien is a contrast that is craniodental by nature. This means that the differences between the two types of mammals arouse before birth itself, the unborn would have different shaped faces and dental features.

Moreover, the fact that Homo sapiens and Neanderthals roamed the earth alongside each other shows that the two are different species, not the same via evolution.

Neanderthals were stronger than humans by nature, much stronger, and they were used to colder weather and were situated in climates such as that of Europe or Russia.


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Are Neanderthals Really Ancestors Of Humans?

difference between Neanderthal and Homo Sapien

This shows us that Neanderthals are a stand-alone species and are not the ancestors of human ancestors. It is true that the difference between Homo sapiens and chimpanzees or bonobos is more significant than the difference between Neanderthals and humans, but the latter species lacked genetic diversity.

This along with a lack of Neanderthal features in the modern homo sapien goes to show that the Neanderthal species went extinct while leaving no descendants. This is seen by the lack of any real evidence concerning hybrids in their fossil records.


So, as you can see the Neanderthals vs Homo Sapien comparison is quite telling if you look into it.

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