Difference between Kids and Children

The Difference between Kids and Children

Nowadays, the English language is changing drastically every day. One of them is the inception of the word “kids.” A lot of people often tend to confuse them with the word “children.” However, there are significant differences between kids and children.

Also, they can be separated from each other based on context and scenario. In this article, we have pitted these two words against each other in the kids vs. children format.

This variation will help you understand the meanings of the two words, how they have different uses and how their definitions are not the same.

Simultaneously, you will also understand the tone each word emits and the changes in meaning over time.


What Is the Meaning of Children?


A group of young boys or girls who have not hit puberty yet are together called children. It is a more formal type of vocabulary for addressing them during conversations.

This word is more common in sentences than in social scenarios. A group of irresponsible people is together called children as well.

In the professional world, people who have little to no experience in the position they are holding down are often called children.

This word can also bear a completely different meaning in terms of socialization. When a person is completely molded by the actions, ethics and/or philosophies of another individual, then they are referred to as children of that individual.

This use is more common in churches or other religious communions.


What Is the Meaning of Kids?


The definition of kids can be understood as a collective noun for the word “kid.” It is a more modern word that has taken this meaning in recent times.

However, it also has a different meaning in the animal kingdom as baby goats are also referred to by this word. Furthermore, products made from this animal’s skin are also termed by it.

There are various informal uses for the word “kids” as well. In this regard, it also functions as a verb.

Acts of pulling practical jokes or pranks are also expressed through this word. Another application of this word is evident when a person is behaving childishly. In the old days, the containers for keeping rations by sailors were called kids.


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Kids vs Children: The Comparison Tables

We have compiled a comparison table below to help you differentiate kids from children through multiple angles.

Factors for Comparison




“Kids” are seen as a more casual form of lingo

“Children” is considered to be a formal type of lingo


This word is more common in casual conversation

This word is rarely used in casual conversation

Zoological Terminology

A kid is a popular word for addressing a group of baby goats. The products made from them also fall under this word

There are no zoological terminologies linked to children other than the offspring of human beings


Informal term to refer to a group of babies

Formal term to address a group of human beings under the age of puberty and that of the majority


The word “Kids” originates from English

The word “Children” is originally a Gallic word. It shifted to old English before transitioning into modern English, eventually

Previous Definitions

Group of miniature containers used for keeping rations by sailors

A person fully devoted to the actions and morals of another individual



Although many people believe that kids and children are entirely similar words, the reality can’t be more different.

Both words have a rich history and have multiple meanings. Now that you have finished going through our kids vs. children analysis, we are sure that the confusion has cleared up for you.

Furthermore, we are confident that your vocabulary is more enriched than before. Now, you will be able to use these two words in multiple settings and still be grammatically immaculate.

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