difference between blockchain and bitcoin

Difference between Blockchain and Bitcoin

With the rise of cryptocurrencies, many people have devoted their lives to mining, trading, and several other things regarding this matter. And one of the most prominent cryptos in the business is bitcoin.

However, you will find many people calling bitcoins or blockchains. Though blockchain and bitcoin serve similar uses, they are different.

So, what is the fuss? Well, this is the perfect spot to know about the subject. Here, you shall find an efficient walkthrough of blockchain vs. bitcoin.

And we assure you, by the end of our writing you will have all the information you need to understand the difference between the two topics.


What Is Blockchain?


Let us talk a little more about blockchains. In this section, we will be addressing all the things we have talked about in detail.

Do not worry! We made sure to provide all the information in a very reader-friendly manner. Therefore, permitting you to understand more about blockchain!


Blockchain is a ledger. It is a cryptocurrency pioneer service. Moreover, it is also a crypto wallet and enables the exchange of your currency.

In short, one can use blockchain to operate almost any cryptocurrency and do multiple tasks like buying products, storing them, and the list goes on.



Blockchain is a very flexible platform. One of the things about this is that you can use them for almost all types of uses with cryptocurrency.

Apart from mining, you can store your currency within it, use it for making purchases, and there are a few other things.



A blockchain is rather a famous option amongst numerous companies. It is very transparent about the transaction, which is the reason why countless financial bodies and authorities lean towards it.

Briefly stated, the blockchain is widely spreading and is becoming a good choice for many people in the business.  Also check our article on difference between entrepreneur and businessman.


What is Bitcoin?


If you are done with the last part, it is time that we move to the rising crypto giant. Even though crypto’s fame is taking a hit lately, it is still one of the biggest names in the stalk market. Anyways, let us get started!


Bitcoin is one of the biggest names in the world of crypto. Right now, the price of one bitcoin is 31,600 dollars approximately.

However, there is no way of converting crypto to dollars. Instead, bitcoin is a digital currency that will enable you to make purchases online.

So, bitcoin is similar to cash but in a digital and decentralized manner.



With the help of bitcoin, one can reduce the cost of an item. Well, not reduce the cost, but the price of the things in bitcoin is a tad lower than hard cash, authorizing you to purchase something at a lower price. Also, in bitcoin, the transaction happens super-duper fast.

It will take a couple of seconds to transfer one bitcoin from one spot to the other. You should know, bitcoin is not tangible. Therefore, transferring it is much more effortless compared to real money.


Highlighted Differences between Bitcoin and Blockchain

blockchain vs bitcoin

Now that you have come this far, you should have a pretty good idea of all the differences between the two. That is why we have summarized all of them here. So, if you have missed something or could not catch it, this section should clear them all for you!

  • Bitcoin is a classification of cryptocurrency, and blockchain is an explorer platform that enables you to save, work, and use bitcoins in a safe environment.
  • You attain or lose bitcoins when you buy or sell something. On the other hand, blockchain enables you to use bitcoin or any other form of cryptocurrency for other stuff.
  • Blockchain is transparent and open. However, bitcoin is anonymous and very difficult to track.


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Blockchain vs. Bitcoin: The Comparison Table 

Here in this section, we have made sure to cover the essential information on the topic. Thus, providing you with a solid understanding of what these two are, how they operate, and so on forth.

Features to Compare Blockchain Bitcoin
Terminology It is a ledger. In short, the blockchain enables you to operate all the cryptocurrencies and use them for more purposeful usage. A Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is decentralized crypto that is available to the world in a limited manner. The thing about bitcoin is that no one is tasked with monitoring its usage.
Purpose The Block chain’s purpose is to permit easy operation. Also, it provides a safe environment for peer-to-peer transactions. Bitcoin is like money but more digitalized. Furthermore, it allows you to make transactions fast and more diverse. Plus, no other financial or economic authority has power over this.
Commerce Using blockchains, you can convert crypto money to almost anything you desire, starting from currency to properties. You can use bitcoin only for trading.
Options Blockchain is a more open change. It is a diverse choice that can be used for numerous other purposes. Due to that, several other financial bodies are interested in its capabilities. Bitcoins cannot be used for more limited purposes.
Tactics Because of its adaptive prowess, many industries are looking forward to using them for their own benefits. With the help of bitcoin, you can lower the overall cost and enable smoother and swifter transactions of the money.
Current Status Blockchain is very open about its functionality. Since it works with loads of industries, it needs to keep a very clean sheet. Hence, it should have compliances with KYC and other authorization boards. Bitcoin does enable swifter transactions than any bank; they are very anonymous. That is one of the biggest reasons why many companies do not deal with bitcoin; they cannot monitor money flow.


Final Words

My friend, if you have been confusing bitcoins with blockchains, we hope you understand the mistake you were making.

Even though they have a similar method and work on an intangible concept, both of these are very different.

That is why we have come up with this blockchain vs. bitcoin comparison article and pinned both of these against each other.

So, we hope you have an idea about the diversities between the two, and we hope you would strive to research more on the two things.


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