Difference Between Beard Balm and Beard Oil

Even though you can see a guy with a thick beard in the commercials of beard balm and beard oil, these two are completely 2 different things. One does the styling for you while the other one is only about some basic care; well, that’s what we can say in a nutshell.

Although some people try to mix these two things up when it comes to thinking about them or even apply them to the beard, there’s a key difference between beard balm and beard oil.



Definition of Beard Balm

Beard Balm

Basically, it’s a product with a mixture of numerous ingredients, including Shea butter, beeswax, carrier oils, fragrances, and some essential oils. These are things that make it kind of creamy and easy to melt when users rub it into their palms.

Speaking of the color, it comes in a pale white, or sometimes it might be deep yellow and light yellow as well, depending on the type of butter (Shea) and some other ingredients it used.


Why Should We Use it?

From increasing the volume (a little) to giving a thicker look, there are a lot of purposes for using this super-duper item. Are you someone who has got patchy, thin, or a bit misbehaving bead? If so, the beard balm is here to fill your cup!

It enables you to tame your lovely beard in the way you really want. And guess what? The beard balm makes you look more stylish and fashionable. You’ll get the result after applying it.


Key Advantages of Using the Beard Balm

Let’s see the overview of some of the advantages of using the beard balm:

  • Conditioning and moisturizing your beard
  • Keeping your facial hair look shiny and feel much softer
  • Stopping skin irritation, beard itch, and dandruff
  • Delivering average hold for grooming and styling
  • Decreasing breakages and increasing natural growth


Definition of Beard Oil

Beard Oil

As the name suggests, it’s a specific oil made of essential oils that’s capable of reaching the skin underneath the beard. If you want to keep your skin away from drying out, beard oil should be your go-to choice, without a doubt.

As we can see, it’s more effective when it comes to reaching every little part of your beard and face.

Talking about ingredients, this cosmetic product equips argan oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil. You see, it gets all the essential oils you need to keep both your skin and face softer and smoother.


Why Should We Use it?

Maybe you’re someone who wants to increase the beard growth to get a fuller look, right? If this is the case, we think you should get your hands on beard oil.

Not only enhancing beard growth, but it also plays a key role in minimizing itching and adding extra shine to your facial hair. And needless to say, it smells just fantastic (if you get the scented ones).

So, if you prefer beard oil with awesome fragrances, be sure to pick up the one that includes almost every essential oil with no artificial substances.


Key Advantages of Using the Beard Oil

Just like the beard balm, you can also get lots of benefits by using beard oil, these are given below:

  • Nourishing and hydrating the skin underneath your beard, ensuring great result for those who have sensitive skin
  • Making your facial hair way too softer and look shiny
  • Removing itchiness and other skin issues within a shorter period
  • Preventing beard dandruff right away
  • Promoting hair growth to make sure of a thicker and fuller look


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Difference Between Beard Oil and Beard Balm

Though beard oil and beard balm both are essential to keep our facial hair smooth and shiny, we find a couple of things that make them different from one to another. Go down below to get familiar with the differences:


When it comes down to beard oil, it’s a liquid substance that you’ll find mostly in glass-type containers. In that case, it might make a mess at times if you’re not familiar with the proper techniques.

A beard balm, on the other side, is a kind of waxy substance that won’t spill at all. Besides, most of the balms out there are packed with unbreakable tin/plastic containers, making them super handy.


Purpose of Using

Both oil and balm are great for moisturizing and hydrating your facial hair, but we think the beard balm is even better in terms of styling and hold. And guess what? It provides a bit matte finish, ensuring a more aesthetic look.

But yes, if you’re dealing with facial hair dandruff or skin itchiness, the balm won’t help you a lot. In this case, the oil is more effective.


Application Methods

Usually, beard balm is a bit warm, and when you rub your hands, it creates heat and friction. Speaking of the oil, you’ll have to apply it through a dropper. It might be a bit challenging at times, but you’ll become used to it after using the beard oil a couple of times, hopefully!


Penetration Levels

As you already know, beard oil comes in a liquid form, which is why it reaches every single part of your facial hair and skin. Since beard balm is waxy, reaching deep mightn’t be possible from time to time.

Consequently, beard oil is a better option when we talk about moisturizing your skin.


Which One Should I Get for Myself?

We think both should be on your priority list if you’re concerned about your facial hair.

Let’s say, if you’re wondering about thickening up your facial hair, beard oil is what you need to choose first. It decreases itchiness or other skin issues and increases hair growth at the same time.

On the flip side, beard balm is the best option for taming and conditioning your beard. It lets you keep your beard looking way too shiny and stylish. Besides, it’s relatively easy to use compared to beard oil.

Long story short: You should choose both to keep your beard in its best condition overall. Or you can buy one of them depending on your requirements.


Final Words

Now that you know the difference between beard balm and beard oil, you’ll know which one goes where. When it comes to styling and mixing them, both can work, but if you have more like a patchy beard, we recommend using beard oil because it is better for growth.

Once your beard gets thicker, you can use the beard balm for styling.

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