Difference Between Shaving Gel and Cream

Difference Between Shaving Gel and Cream (With Comparison Table)

Since shaving is an important part of men’s daily life, using the right product is necessary to avoid getting skin irritation. This is where shaving gel or creams come into the picture.

Although they sound quite similar, in reality, they differ a lot from each other. The debate of shaving gel vs cream has troubled a lot of people, so we’re here to sort out the differences between the two.


Shaving Cream vs. Shaving Gel: An Overview

The main difference between a shaving gel and a cream is the efficiency. Shaving gels tend to be more efficient as they are only needed in a small amount to do the job, whereas shaving creams are required in a larger quantity, so they are less efficient.

Shaving gels are also safer on the skin compared to creams. However, shaving gels can clog the razor, while shaving creams don’t. Based on these differences, one can choose the one that meets their requirements.


What Is Shaving Gel?

shaving gel

Shaving gels are easy and simple shaving products. They are relatively convenient to work with and are more favored than the creams for their efficient nature. They have glycerin and natural oils like jojoba oil, which aids in nourishing the skin.

Also, shaving gels do not require any water to work with, as they do not foam up. So, they are perfect for doing a shave right, especially if you’re running out of time. Shaving gels are transparent, which favors people to visualize where they’re putting the razor. It makes shaving easy and helps individuals enjoy a clean cut.

Besides, shaving gels have strong lubricating properties which is why they moisturize the skin and add a supportive layer of protection to the skin. They also have less harsh chemicals in them, so they tend to be less irritating on the skin.

You only need a small amount of gel on an everyday basis, so it lasts for a long time.


What Is Shaving Cream?

shaving cream

Shaving cream is a thicker shaving product and it needs water to lather up and make a foam. Shaving creams have been around for a long time, so they are more popular than gel formulations. However, shaving creams are quite difficult to work with, which is why many people including barbers are trying to avoid them.

With shaving creams, the foam makes it difficult to assume where the straight razor can be applied. So, the desired cut cannot be achieved.

Since they need water to lather up, you need to use a large quantity of shaving cream on an everyday basis. This makes shaving creams economically inefficient. They contain some harsh ingredients that can irritate the skin and dry it out.

Shaving creams are also less moisturizing because of the limited lubricating properties they comprise.


Main Differences Between Shaving Gel and Shaving Cream

  • Shaving gels have more moisturizing and nourishing properties, which is why they are suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Shaving creams are less lubricating, so they do not provide very high moisturization.
  • Shaving gel is easy and convenient to work with, and a little goes a long way with these gels.
  • Shaving creams are difficult to use and rinse and need to be used in a heavier amount.
  • Shaving gel works without water, has an existing thick lather, and provides extra protection to the skin.
  • Shaving creams comprise of instant and traditional lather that might cause some dryness on the skin.


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Shaving Gel vs Cream – The Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison

Shaving Gel

Shaving Cream

1.     Shaving Time

With shaving gel, less shaving time is required.

Shaving cream requires more shaving time.

2.     Efficiency

Shaving gels are efficient since they do not need to be used in a large amount.

Shaving creams need to be used in large amounts, so they are economically inefficient.

3.     Lather

Shaving gel does not need water to foam up as they already comprise thick lather.

Shaving creams need to be lathered up with water to make foam.

4.     Chemicals

Shaving gel contains less harsh chemicals.

Shaving creams contain a few harsh chemicals.

5.     Lubrication

Shaving gel is highly lubricating.

Shaving cream is relatively less lubricating.

6.     Razor Clogging

Shaving gel tends to clog razor blades.

Shaving creams do not clog razor blades.


Key Takeaways

  • Both shaving gel and shaving cream are composed of good quality glycerin and natural oils.
  • Both the shaving gel and the cream have a low quantity of alcohol in them.
  • Shaving gel is economically efficient, less harsh on the skin, and has stronger lubricating properties.
  • Shaving cream is less efficient, contains more harsh chemicals, and lathers up when applied in a large amount.



Now, both shaving gels and creams are remarkable products when it comes to providing a good and clean shave. However, we recommend opting for shaving gels since they are pretty easy to use, save a lot of time, and deliver a better shave.

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