Difference between Storm Door and Screen Door

The entryway to your house does not only serve the purpose of protection and privacy, but it also enhances the appeal of your home.

If you are looking to install or reinstall a new door to your home, you may have found out that storm doors and screen doors are not the same things.

In this storm door vs. screen door article, we’ll find out what the differences are and which one is good for you.


What Is a Storm Door?

Storm Door

Storm doors are robust and typically made of stronger materials. They do not have screens but do come with one or more glass panels.

Storm doors also come with wooden frames and bodies- but they can also be made of aluminum, steel, vinyl.

They are more solid and protective, which protects the house against almost all kinds of odds. These doors tend to have high durability and resilience. Most storm doors come with at least one lock for protection.

The glass panels allow enough sunlight to come into your household, depending on how large the panel is.

The glass protects against not only pests and bugs but also sand, snow, rain, etc. Most storm doors also come with the functionality of opening the glass panels for controlled ventilation and breathability. You might want to know how storm doors and security doors are different.


What Is a Screen Door?

screen door

The screen door gets its name from its characteristic- it is composed of a frame and a screen inside that frame.

The screen door frame is typically made of wood, but it can also be made of plastic, vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, etc., or even sturdier material like steel. The price of doors heavily depends on the material, but usually, screen doors are pretty affordable.

Since these doors cannot be entirely closed, they leave a lot of room for air and light to pass. These doors are great if you want to add breathability to a room.

Even though these doors can protect your home from pests and bugs, these doors’ visibility doesn’t provide much privacy.

These are often used as second/outer doors on the main entrance by many. That way, you can keep the light and air flowing by keeping the other door open during the day and close it when you need.

If you are a parent, you can keep an eye on your kids playing outside, in the yard, or street through the screen of the door, without having to be worried about bugs coming in.


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Storm Door vs Screen Door: A Comparison Table

Let’s find out what the differences are between these two with the help of the following table:

Parameter of Comparison Storm Door Screen Door
Insulation The solid body of a storm door provides excellent insulation against the weather


Screen doors are mostly ineffective at preventing the weather from affecting your house and interior
Protection/Security Not only do storm doors provide better protection against the weather, but it is also great at providing privacy and security because of their solid body and sturdy nature Screen doors are great for keeping pests and bugs away. But unfortunately, they do not provide much protection against either the weather or intruders
Breathability Storm doors avail only a limited amount of sunlight to get into your home, and most have no room for ventilation Screen doors promote the free flow of both air and sunlight
Installation Storm doors are mostly robust and bulky; hence installing them can be a tiresome and challenging job Screen doors are usually lighter, even more than regular doors. So, they are easy to handle and install
Durability Storm doors are more durable as they are sturdy

Screen doors are not as durable as storm doors


Affordability Storm doors are usually made of heavier material that covers most of their structure and including glass panels. So, they are often priced higher than average Screen doors come in many materials; hence the price can range- however, on average, screen doors are more affordable than storm doors


Which One Should You Choose?

The decision of which type of door you should choose solely depends on what kind of space and functionality you want, as well as your budget.

If you are looking for a more breathable space with light and airflow, a screen door is a suitable choice for you.

However, if you live in a place where the weather can get quite extreme- rain, snow, sand, etc.- you should prefer storm doors. Storm doors can protect you better in case of extreme or unpredictable weather.

If you want more privacy and security, a storm door is what you should go for. The robust frame and body and locks provide you both, whereas the see-through characteristic of screen doors may make you uncomfortable.



Screen door and storm door may be two types often confusing and interchange, but knowing the difference will sure help you make better judgments. Now that we have learned all about storm door vs. screen door, we hope you will take the right decision that fits your home and needs!

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