Difference between Interior Designer and Interior Decorator

Difference Between Interior Designer and Interior Decorator

A few months ago, I was wondering about making a couple of changes at my sweet home. Afterward, I realized I need to call a decorator to make some structural changes.

Damn! That was a huge mistake. I thought “decorator” can accomplish the tasks related to interior designing. But actually, their professions and the way of working are totally different, just like the moon is different from the sun!

So, in this writing, I want to let you know the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator. Stick with me to get a clear idea concerning a designer and decorator.


Interior Decorator

Interior Decorator

As the name suggests, an interior decorator is a person who has special knowledge of decorating almost everything in your house. From wall-covering to arranging furniture, a decorator can show you the perfect ways and techniques to decorate the items in your house.


Educational Qualification

Surprisingly, the person whose job is related to interior decoration has no specific degree or certificate to unleash creativity. It’s all about using creative skills, and he/she doesn’t need a standardized education to show off his/her skills.

But some decorators do a short-term course or training program in order to enhance their skills.



Not only can a decorator arrange the furniture, but he/she can also help you choose the one that suits your décor. Without having any college degree, a decorator can decorate the interior of your whole house, from majestic wall art to the best color scheme.


When It’s Necessary to Hire a Decorator?

Are you wondering about redoing the decoration of your residence? If so, then hiring interior decorators should be very important. They have the ability to take the beauty of your house to a whole new level!

Even a decorator will let you know from where you should have to start decorating. When it comes to placing furniture and applying vivid colors to the wall, he/she knows much better than the other.


Interior Designer

Interior Designer

An interior designer is a trained person who knows almost everything concerning building codes. Besides, when we talk about the construction field, he/she equips a great experience to make the job successfully done.

In a nutshell, a designer can make your dream house look POSH by improving the overall design.


Educational Qualification

Compared to the interior decorator, the way of becoming a professional designer might be a bit harder; guess why? Because an interior designer requires an individual certificate, training, and proper education ranging from 1 to 5 years.

Even in some countries, a designer has to pass exams in order to become an expert.



Space planning is one of the main focuses of an interior designer. Usually, he/she works with experts in order to make a decision on constructing a home artistically.

A designer is highly capable of managing the day-to-day dealing of houses with the assistance of a contractor and an architect.


When It’s Necessary to Hire a Designer?

When you’re thinking of building your new dream house from your own vision, that’s the perfect time to call an interior designer. Believe it or not, designing isn’t a piece of cake; it requires lots of knowledge, and of course, you can’t give this job to an architect or contractor.

It really breaks a sweat when you explain every single detail to the architect in terms of designing your house. In that case, if you take assistance from an expert designer, he/she can easily do the task without taking suggestions from you.

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Interior Decorator Vs. Interior Designer

After giving the definitions of a designer and decorator, now I’m going to show you some of the things which make them different from one to another.

  • The designer plays a key role in transforming your entire residence dramatically. A decorator, on the flip side, decorates your house, from arranging the pieces of furniture to wall-covering and stuff like that.
  • An interior designer has to be certified and well-educated to make the job done. But talking about interior decorators, they use creative skills without having any certificates.
  • From structural changes to space planning, a designer works really hard with the help of architects and contractors. When we talk about a decorator, he/she can decorate the entire house without taking anyone’s assistance because his/her main job is to arrange the items and choosing the right colors for your home.
  • In most cases, a designer charges a pretty penny (though it depends on the designer you’ve hired), while most interior decorators can decorate your house without draining a lot of dollars from your pocket.


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So, Should I Hire an Interior Decorator or a Designer?

Hiring a specific one between the decorator and designer depends on your requirements and the projects you’re going to complete.

Listen, if you’re wondering about including changes to the whole structure of your dream house, taking assistance from interior designers has no better alternatives.

On the other side, when you’re thinking of changing the decoration, color scheme as well as the lighting of your residence, feel free to call an expert decorator. He/she is highly capable of completing those tasks within no time!


Final Words

We hope the difference between interior designers and interior decorators is clear to you now. So, make sure to call the right person depending on your requirements and projects. Hopefully, you won’t make a mistake by calling a decorator to make structural changes to your residence!

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