Difference Between Decal And Sticker

If you are looking for the difference between decal and sticker, then you are probably trying to customize something. This is one of the most commons questions on the internet. People often seem to get confused between the two.

The most famous way of customizing your belongings or product is to put an image or sign on it. Now the image represents that the product or item belongs to the specific owner or company. To put your desired design, sign, or logo on the item, you need a sticker or a decal.

Now to get what the difference is, you first need to know the two items individually to understand the difference better?


What Is A Sticker?

What Is A Sticker

A sticker is a design or logo which is on top of paper or any other material; behind it has a sticky substance or glue, and then on top of them, there is a thin layer of paper. A thin layer of paper is provided on top of the sticky part, so the glue does not dry out. The thin paper has to be peeled off to use the sticker on something.

Stickers are very common to us. We all, at least once in our life, have used some kind of sticker. It is also one of the most commonly used forms of labels. From beer bottle labels to postcard stamps, they are all stickers.


What Is A Decal?

What Is A Decal

A decal is a form of sticker– however, it cannot be called a traditional sticker. It does not have any kind of glue to put the design on something. As a matter of fact, if you use a decal, the design will look like a part of the product or item it has been put on.

Decals are made of three layers; at first, there is paper, then there is the decal, and then there is paper again.

In a decal sticker, you use heat to transfer the design from one surface to another. There is no use of glue.  It is mostly used for outdoor use.


What to Go for: Sticker Or Decal

Difference Between Decal And Sticker

If you are confused between the two, then don’t worry, we got you. In this section, we will talk about the usage and other factors of the two, so you can easily decide what you need which one you should go for.

Item and Size

Whether you should go for stickers or decal completely depend on what you what to use in on. The size and the material of the item matter a lot.  Stickers are mostly used for indoor use, although some stickers can be sued outdoors mostly it is used for indoor use. It is used on small items like laptops, books, phones, etc.

Whereas decal is used for outdoor usage. They’re used on large items like windows, doors, cars, etc., they’re more long-lasting than a sticker, and the quality of the design is also very attractive when decals are used.


Materials and Usage

We are using a small example to explain the usage of stickers and decals, which will help you to understand it in the easiest way possible.

For example, you, a business owner Have an office. In order to design your brand logo or design the indoor interior you will use decals. You can use it with the window glasses, the walls, and even the floor if you want.

To design your packaging, mugs, and laptops, you will use stickers. Since they are small in size, and a sticker is the best option for designing these items.



It goes without saying that Decals are more durable than stickers. Decals are a more permanent form of stickers. Since decals transfer the design from one surface to another, it looks like the design is a part of the product.

They will last even outdoors where the design is exposed to nature and pollution—now coming to stickers.

Stickers are made for indoor use. There are permanent stickers, but still, even those don’t last as much as decals. Most of the stickers are not waterproof, and they can wear off very easily. The durability of the sticker completely depends on the usage.


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Sticker Vs. Decal: A Comparison Table

Qualities Sticker Decal
Durable No Yes
Usage Indoor Outdoor
Size Small Large
Method Glue, or other sticky substance Heat or water


Now you should have a clear idea of Stickers and decals. We have discussed all that you need to know to find the difference between decal and sticker. This will help you to understand your requirements better and help you to make the best choice.