difference between skateboard, longboard and penny board

Difference Between Skateboard, Longboard, and Penny Board

For the longest time, skateboards have dominated the streets as the top choice for skating, and rightfully so because it is the classic, and it came first.

However, now skaters have more options for their boards, including classic skateboards, longboards, and penny boards.

There are more types of boards, but these three prevail to be the best amongst all of them and are also the most popular now.

Today we will be looking at these boards individually, and we will also be exploring the longboard vs. skateboard vs. penny board debate. Without any further talk, let us get into the details.


What Is a Skateboard?


Although there are so many other types of boards out there, skateboards are still one of the most commonly used boards.

It is a short and narrow board with two wheels on each end. Skateboards usually have a width between 7 to 10 inches and have a length between 28 to 33 inches, so they are rectangular.

Beginners should opt for skateboards because they will give you a lot of stability, so you can easily balance yourself on the deck.

The wheels on the skateboard are pretty small, coming around 48 to 85 mm, but they are very sturdy and hard. Wheels are usually made of polymeric resin; this is good enough for the rider to do tricks and comfortably try different styles.

When it comes to the size of the wheels, you should choose a smaller one if you are skating in an urban setup but larger ones if you are a fast cruiser.


What Is a Longboard?


As you can probably tell from the name, longboards are the longest boards in the market.

These longboards are more extravagant than regular skateboards you will find, making them one of the more expensive boards.

The board looks incredible and premium, thanks to the natural materials it is made from. With being long, longboards are also relatively fast and have wide wheels.

This board is a fantastic choice for skaters who have just started skating as it provides decent balance, but the price can be a downside for beginners.

Longboards are very trendy right now because people love the speed they can achieve with them, and it has come to the point where you might even think longboards will outshine skateboards.

They are incredibly versatile as they are great for dancing, sliding, cruising, downhill racing, long-distance riding, and much more.

However, if you like doing tricks like kickflips and heelflips, you will be sad to hear that it is not easy to do them with a longboard.

Also, with a longer length of between 30 to 59 inches, the longboard is heavier and not as portable as other boards.

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What Is a Penny Board?

penny board

Penny boards were developed in Australia around 2010, so it is one of the newest additions to the types of boards in the market.

The shortboard, to put it simply, is like a small skateboard made of plastic. Coming in at about 4.2 pounds in weight and around 22 or 27 inches in length, this board is perfect for people who love going on adventures.

It is so portable that you can easily pop it inside your backpack, and it will not weigh you down either.

Moreover, riders who love to do tricks also like this board often due to its small size. Despite their size and weight, penny boards are surprisingly strong and can handle a lot of weight.

However, due to its small deck, there are not many areas for riders to place their feet, so balancing is not as easy.

Hence, beginners would probably want to skip out on penny boards for their first purchase in boards. For all of you thinking about buying a penny boar, there is some good news, penny boards are cheap thanks to their plastic body.


Skateboard vs. Longboard vs. Penny Board

Skateboard vs. Longboard vs. Penny Board

These three boards are phenomenal, and riders would love skating with any of them. However, they do have quite a few differences, and each is the best for specific things.

Since beginners need the practice to get their balance and can use the confidence of extra stability, longboards and skateboards would be the way to go. On the contrary, more experienced riders will have a blast doing new tricks with the penny board.

They also differ in sizes, with the longboard being the bulkiest, then the skateboard with its standard size, and lastly, the penny board is a cute little board that is perfect for picking up when traveling.

Besides these, there are some more distinctions between these boards, and we think the comparison table below might help you get a better idea of what you will be getting upon purchasing one of these boards.


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Comparison Table Between Skateboard, Longboard and Penny Board

Parameter of Comparison Skateboard Longboard Penny Board
Size Length is usually between 28 to 33 inches, and the width varies between 7 to 10 inches Length is usually between 30 to 59 inches, and the width varies between 9 to 10 inches Length is either 22 or 27 inches, and the average width is 6 inches.
Weight It varies from model to model. But the average skateboard weighs around 7 to 11 pounds Usually, weigh around 8 to 12 pounds Have an average weight of 4.2 pounds
Wheels They are made of polymeric resin materials, with diameters varying between 48 to 85 mm Generally made of polyurethane, and the diameter varies from 64 to 80 mm Made of polyurethane, and the diameter is either 59 or 69 mm, depending on the size of the board
Materials Most decks of skateboards are made of maple wood Made of natural materials, including birch, bamboo, maple wood, etc. All penny boards are made of plastic
Best for All purposes and smaller skateboards are great for street skating Dancing, sliding, cruising, downhill racing, long-distance riding, etc. Doing tricks
Cost It varies, but the price is not too high on average Most expensive Cheapest option
Level of skill needed Suitable for beginners as well as professionals as there is extra stability Suitable for beginners as well as professionals because there’s a lot of foot area and balance Only suitable for more experienced riders because of the small deck


Key Takeaways

1. Skateboards and longboards are great options for everyone including beginners because it is easy to balance, whereas only intermediate or professional riders will be comfortable with a penny board.

2. Penny boards are the most lightweight and easily portable, while longboards are bulky and difficult to carry around; skateboards are somewhere in the middle here.

3. Natural materials are generally used to build the deck of skateboards and longboards. On the contrary, penny boards have an entire plastic build.

4. Longboards tend to be a bit expensive, so people who are just getting into the world of skating may not want to invest so much money in them. Meanwhile, skateboards can be affordable, and penny boards are the least expensive.

5. If you are looking for a board for tricks, the penny board is the one you should pick up, but if you want to do some long-distance riding, fast cruising, and dancing, longboards are great. Skateboards will be great if you ride in a skate park or around urban areas.



After going through this detailed comparison on longboard vs. skateboard vs. penny board, we hope you know which board will be the best pick for you. Try to stay safe and wear safety gear while riding your board, and happy skating!

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