Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Pickleballs

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Pickleballs: What’s The Difference?

Since its creation in 1965, pickleball has amassed quite a rep. The game requires 2 or 4 players, and each of them is equipped with a paddle to strike a polymer ball over a net within a limited space. In short, it is a sport that is more like badminton, table tennis, and conventional tennis.

Now, you can play this sport indoors as well as outdoor. However, there is a difference between indoor and outdoor pickleball. So, if you were planning to give this sport a try, it is essential that you know these differences.


About Pickleball

What is indoor and outdoor Pickleball

If you are new to pickleball, it is necessary that we cover all the basics and other stuff so that you can have a fun experience. Well, first of all, let us cover what pickleball is in the first place. The functions are quite similar to that of badminton and tennis.

There are generally two or four players. Each of them has a wooden (or hybrid of wood and something else) paddles in a single hand. Using these paddles, you would strike a perforated polymer ball or whiffle ball across a court. By the way, you can play the sport on any badminton court and tennis net.

Now, let us cover the rules. You would start with an underhand serve. By that, we mean you would have to serve from your waist height. For the pointing system, there are several ways that you can get retrieve points. Here is a list for that:

  1. The serve must be in diagonal courts. If you do not do that, then you would be losing points.
  2. The balls have to be served over the net.
  3. The balls should be within the court.

And there are several other ways to acquire points. To have a better understanding, you can visit Wikipedia’s page for more detailed information:

By the way, this game is quite old. It was first founded in the mid-16th century when kids were playing this sport indoors. Nevertheless, as time passed by, the game became quite renowned, especially in the United States.

Furthermore, the game can be played just like the other racquet-based games we suggested earlier. You can play mixed doubles (female and male in a time), conventional doubles, and singles. Anyways, enough about pickleball. Let us hop in and find out the difference between the two.


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Differences Between Indoor & Outdoor Pickleballs

Well, some like to play indoors. Others enjoy playing outdoors. Even so, the mechanism of the game does not change. However, because of the difference in the environment, there are certain things that will be affected. Anyways, here are the differences between playing pickleball indoors against the outdoors.


The Environment

The first and foremost change you will notice when playing pickleball outside or inside is the presence of wind. In such a game, the wind can be a crucial factor as it will change the trajectory of your shots. So, when you are playing outside, the presence of a breeze will make it tricky to play.

If you are having a hard time understanding this, then just imagine a gust from your back. Such a thing might cause the ball to miss the baseline and cause your points. On the other hand, if the wind is in the opposite direction, then there is a chance that you will not be able to play net shots and other drop shots.

Also, the sun plays a negative role in this case! The glares from the sun might make it difficult to spot the ball, and if it is a sunny day, then playing this sport might prove to be exhausting.

Now, when you are playing indoors, the weather might not be an issue. But limited space might make it troublesome for you to play freely.


The Ball Itself

Pickleball Balls

Because of the change in environment, there is a massive change in the design of the pickleballs. For outdoor plays, the balls are generally made of heavier materials and come with a greater number of holes. Such a change offers longevity, exceptional wind resistance, and better bounce.

On the flip side, if you are playing indoor, the wind is no longer a concern. An indoor pickleball has a construction made from lighter materials and the size of the holes larger. Because of these, you can play more precise shots and will not have to worry about the surface.

One good thing is that a company that develops pickleball will produce both types. Hence, you can pick the one that is suitable for the situation.


The Court

Finally, the thing that differs between playing indoors and outdoors is the court.

To be more specific, the surface of the court. The outside courts are made in such a way that it allows the ball to move quickly and have higher bounce. Hence, it means you would need to respond swiftly. In short, you would always have to be on your toes all the time.

On the other side, inside courts are built for more slow-paced games. As there is no concern regarding wind or anything, these are conventionally made to slow the ball down. Also, the bounce is less when you are playing on an indoor court. So, the rallies are generally longer.

Therefore, if you like fun and fast-paced gameplay, the outdoors might be suitable for you.


Final Words

The purpose of this article was to provide you with all the essential information on pickleball as well as give the perfect walkthrough on the different aspects of the sport. So, now that you know the difference between indoor and outdoor pickleballs, which one would you prefer?

Plus, the information given here should help you to play the game without any confusion. In short, our article should offer all the intel so you can have a fun and satisfactory experience.

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