AMD Vs. Intel: What Are The Main Differences?

It can be confusing trying to determine which CPU is the best choice for you. You have two choices when it comes to CPU, AMD and Intel. Intel is the most widely known processor. Depending on what job your computer will be performing, the type of processor chosen will give you the best computer to fit your needs.




AMD has been struggling to keep up with the advancements that Intel has been making. AMD has managed to stay competitive with Intel but it has cost them greatly in terms of power efficiency. Intel’s Pentium processors are rated with a Thermal Design Power of 53 watts. AMD’s processors are rated with a Thermal Design Power of 65 watts.

In terms of laptops and battery life, the Intel chips will last longer on one charge. AMD chips produce more heat and noise than an Intel chip, therefore computers running AMD chips get hotter and are louder than computers running Intel chips.




AMD chips perform slower and with more power than an Intel chip. The Intel Pentium chip is quicker by most performance standards and will perform quicker while consuming less power.


Value of CPU

Both AMD and Intel offer CPUs at a wide range of prices. Generally AMD chips sell for less than Intel chips. The least expensive AMD chip starts at $30 whereas Intel’s least expensive chip starts at $45.

AMD does sell quad processors for a lot less than Intel’s Core i3 or i5. AMD quads start at $45 whereas Intel quads start at $180.


Over clocking


CPUs have a fixed clock speed and are set at a base that will allow it to remain stable and perform optimally. Over-clocking is when a user tweaks the CPUs clock speed above the base rate. AMD supports over-clocking and even offers it as a feature on several of their chips. Intel only offers one chip that offers an over-locking option.


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Picking the right CPU for gaming can become tricky. AMD offers several processors that are sold specifically for gaming purposes. They combine the processor with Radeon graphics on the same CPU chip.

Although, these chips are generally only good for low-end gaming and do not have the speed that Intel chips offer. Intel offers on-die integrated graphics on some of their chips, but the performance is not the same as AMD’s Radeon chip.

High-end gaming will drag when an AMD chip is used, but the graphics will not be as crisp with an Intel chip.




  • Less powerful and not as energy efficient.
  • More powerful and more energy efficient
  • Thermal Power Design rating of 65 watts.
  • Thermal Power Design rating of 53 watts.
  • Chips runs hotter and louder.
  • Softer sounding chip and less heat.
  • Prices start at $30.
  • Prices start at $45.
  • Over-clocking available on several chip models
  • Over-clocking only available on one chip model.
  • Great graphics for gaming.
  • Faster speed for gaming.

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