What Are The Differences Between Track Saw and Table Saw?

With both of their abilities to cleanly cut through wood, the track saw vs table saw battle is one which many DIYers have faced. Since they are both motor-powered saws, they can carry out similar functions; this puts the woodworker in a dilemma where they can’t decide which to get.

Knowing the difference between track saw and table saw will allow you to assess the two options better.


Track Saw vs. Table Saw: At a Glance

The track saw and table saw are two of the most widely used tools in the woodworking world.  Some prefer the portability of the track saw, while others like the precision of the table saw.

The table saw, in essence, is an upside-down blade on a table. Mounted on the underside of the table, this blade can seamlessly cut through thick wood boards. However, if you’re not able to handle the kickback, you might not get straight cuts across.

That is where the track saw gets an advantage. The guide railing and tracks underneath the blade ensure you don’t sway from the straight path. With your board properly fixed under the blade, you should have no problem running the saw in a straight line.

What also works in favor of moving woodworkers is the portability of the track saw. Since the tool itself is detachable, you can literally carry it anywhere you go. For small workshops, fitting a table saw would take up a bunch of space. In these situations, the track saw is a more viable option.


What is a Track Saw?

track saw

Remember those model trains you had as a child? Much like the trains, the track saw is designed to move across a fixed track. The track acts as a guide to keep your cuts perfectly straight. These are handy tools for slicing up large boards or making a crosscut.

The blade is located on the underside of the rail to be able to slice right through your boards. Using the constraints of the guide rail allows you to control the power of the motor better.

What makes these saws so popular is their compact size. While they are packing high-powered motors, they are still more portable than most other saws. As a result, you can move it from one workplace to another; this is the ideal choice when space is at a premium.


What is a Table Saw?

 table saw

As the name suggests, the table saw is a fixed rotating blade that is mounted to the table. The unit contains a high-powered electric motor to cut through the wood neatly. Once the blade is fixed to your table, all you need to do is to power it on and slowly push your board towards the blade.

The mountability of the tool allows for consistency in cutting. With the body of the unit fixed, you can easily start cutting your board without errors. This one is the perfect tool for cutting straight patterns and if you’re looking to do repetitive tasks.

Modern table saws come with blade guards that protect you from sharp blades. You are bound to receive kickbacks when working with high-powered tools as the table saw. While most woodworkers learn to control it, there is always a chance of accidents.


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Main Difference Between Track Saw and Table Saw

  • Track saws are more precise due to their tracks. The board needs to be handled firmly in order to get straight cuts with table saws.
  • Table saws tend to have a higher-powered motor over track saws; this allows them to cut through thicker material.
  • Track saws are small in size and can fit comfortably in small workshops. The table saw, however, takes up a large amount of space.
  • Track saws are good for repetitive cuts, but the table saw does the job much faster because of the blade position.
  • While the table saws are very easy to assemble, installing a track saw is quite a time-consuming process.


Track vs. Table Saw: The Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Track Saw Table Saw
Size Compact Large
Motor Power Moderate Very High
Noise Level Moderate Very Loud (wear ear protection)
Portability Yes No
Dust Port Yes No



As you can see from our track saw vs table saw article, the track saw and table saw are both good options for any DIY project. The table saw works best when you need to cut off very long boards at super speed. But, if you’re looking for narrow and precise cuts, the track saw is the way to go.