Conservative Vs Liberal difference

Conservative Vs. Liberal – 8 Key Differences

It can be so hard to find a true comparison between a conservative and a liberal since they approach almost every issue with different philosophies and underlying assumptions. Because of their different methods and philosophies, there are many differences that need to be explored between conservative and liberal.


Differences Between Conservative and Liberal

Below are some of the most important differences between conservatives and liberals.

#1: Judges

conservative and liberal has different views on judges

A conservative believes that a judge should determine whether or not laws are permissible under the Constitution. They should also settle any debates that occur regarding the meaning of these laws.

A liberal believes that a judge is a way to get unpopular legislation passed. They want a judge who will impose their will.


#2: Patriotism


A conservative is a die-hard patriot. They truly believe that the U.S. is a great nation. A liberal is more of interested in the world view instead of the best interest of the U.S.

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#3: Success


Conservatives are also capitalists. They believe that when an entrepreneur amasses wealth through their own hard work, it benefits the country. Liberals are socialists. They believe that entrepreneurs who are successful have somehow cheated the system.


#4: Religion

A conservative believes in God. They also believe that the U.S. has been so successful because it is a Christian nation, guided by God. A liberal is not usually a Christian and many times are hostile to anything Christian. 

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#5: Right to Bear Arms

Right for Arms - difference between conservative and liberal

A conservative has the belief that individual Americans have the Constitutional right to defend themselves and their loved ones with guns. A liberal believes that taking the guns from individual, law-abiding citizens; they can prevent the criminals from using guns in any crime.


#6: Discrimination


A conservative believes that all people should be judged solely on their character and the merits of their actions, not on their color. A liberal does not think it is wrong to discriminate based on race as long as the minority group as a whole primarily benefits.


#7: Abortion

Abortion, to a conservative, ends the life of an innocent child. They oppose abortion. Liberals believe that it is more important to not inconvenience the mother; therefore it is easier to end the life of the child.


#8: Political Affiliation

Political Affiliation
Conservatives are not necessarily Republicans, but they do have many of the same belies; reduce the size of government, low taxes, balanced budget, get the country out of debt. Liberals, many of which would be classified as Democrats, believe in big government, high spending, high taxes and big debt.

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#8: Government

According to most conservatives – the Government tends to be wasteful, incompetent and inefficient. Less government is the key to a successful government. A liberal views government as the solution. More government programs or mandates will fix all the problems.


In a Nutshell – Conservative Vs. Liberal

The below table demonstrates the key differences between a conservative and a liberal in short.



  • Judges should uphold the Constitution.
  • Judges should push their own agenda.
  • Die hard patriot.
  • More of an internationalist.
  • Capitalist.
  • Socialist.
  • Christian.
  • Non-Christian.
  • Right to bear arms.
  • Want to take away the right to bear arms
  • Non-discriminatory.
  • Discriminatory.
  • Pro-life.
  • Pro-choice.
  • Reduce the size of government, low taxes, balanced budget, get the country out of debt.
  • Big government, high spending, high taxes and big debt.

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