Difference Between BB Cream and Foundation

BB Cream Vs. Foundation: 4 Key Differences

Let’s say you have to choose between BB cream and foundation; which one would you get? Well, that depends completely on your purpose. Both are quite different from one another, and they offer distinct benefits as well. In this BB cream vs foundation guide, we’ll discuss the differences between them so you can pick what’s best for you.

BB Cream and foundation are completely different from each other. BB creams are light, while foundations are pretty thick. Both of them should be used for different purposes.

For example, BB cream works great as an all-in-one cream. It provides nourishments while helping you cover slight blemishes and spots.

Foundations can help you cover scars and almost any blemish because they’re very thick. However, they don’t offer any beneficial ingredients such as hydrants, SPF, etc.


What Is BB Cream?

BB Cream

BB creams are considered to be an upgrade from foundations by many, but in reality, they’re quite different from foundations.

These are more like all-in-one makeup products. BB cream is rich in the kind of ingredients that are beneficial for your skin, like SPF, moisturizer, hydrants, etc. Plus, BB creams are suitable for breakout-prone skins too. Like foundations, these offer multiple finishes and textures as well.

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What Is Foundation?


Foundations have been around for quite a long time. These facial products are considered the classic option for creating a flawless texture on your skin and for great coverage. These are widely used because of their capability of lasting the whole day and giving the airbrush texture.

Plus, foundations can be found in all sorts of ranges. You can get both light and heavy coverage foundations, so no matter how you want the makeup to be, you’ll find a suitable product for yourself.


Difference Between BB Cream and Foundation

Let’s take a closer look at the key differences between BB cream and foundations.

Skin Care

Foundations are known for many things, but skincare isn’t one of them. Even if you apply a quality foundation, you’ll still need to apply moisturizers, SPF, and other essential nutrients.

However, BB creams are designed with these essential nutrients. These creams come with an adequate dose of SPF, hydrants, wrinkle protection, and more. So, if you’re willing to use fewer products, using a BB cream can help you out.



bb cream and foundation coverage

The classic foundations are usually very thick, and they offer a lot of coverage. Although the coverage may vary from one product to the other, the maximum coverage is the bar is set quite high.

On the other hand, BB cream is very light, and it doesn’t offer a high coverage like foundations. Foundations are known for their ability to conceal blemishes and scars properly. In contrast, BB creams can cover light blemishes but fail to cover up scars.



SPF is the key ingredient that can protect your skin from sunlight. If you use foundation, you’ll need to apply SPF separately to protect your skin. However, BB creams come rich in SPF.

Applying multiple creams can be toilsome, and managing them is quite challenging too. BB cream makes this easier by providing an all-in-one solution.


Skin Type

It doesn’t matter which skin type you have for applying foundation. Unless your skin is allergic to specific ingredients present in the particular foundation you’re using, you won’t face any problem.

However, BB cream isn’t for all sorts of skin. These are most suitable for dry skin, mostly because they offer essential moisturizing nutrients that can nourish dry skin effectively. These don’t perform well on oily or acne-prone skin usually.


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BB Cream Vs Foundation: The Comparison Table

Parameter of Comparison BB Cream Foundation
Coverage Light coverage Thick, high coverage
Skin Care Packed with nourishing ingredients Doesn’t come with any nourishing ingredient
Skin Type Suitable for dry skin Suits most skin types
SPF Yes No


Key Takeaways

  • Foundations are great at covering scars and blemishes.
  • Although BB creams can cover minor blemishes, they can’t cover scars because of being too light and offering low coverage.
  • BB creams are all-in-one solutions rich in nutrients beneficial for the skin, but foundations don’t offer such.
  • Foundation is for all types of skin, but BB cream is most suitable for dry skin.


We conclude our BB cream vs foundation guide here. Both BB cream and foundation do a great job, but they must be used wisely for maximum impact.

If you want to do heavy makeup, the foundation might be the best option for you. However, if you want some light makeup and want to nourish your skin easily, a BB cream will suit you better.

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