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Dove vs. Pigeon: 4 Major Differences

Both dove and pigeon are birds that we come across quite often. Be it the soothing cooing that drifts in the morning or that one bird who got curious when you scattered seeds for them to eat.

Though due to their similar size, some might say it is confusing to tell them apart.

Some might even think it is impossible to identify them without hearing their distinctive call. And to that we say, you might have missed a couple of factors that will help you to identify them.

Hence, today we will explore dove vs. pigeon to enlighten you on the differences between them.


Dove vs. Pigeon

dove vs pigeon

Most doves tend to be visibly smaller than pigeons. Doves have a pointed tail, and pigeon’s tail is quite round. Also, doves mostly have feathers that are shades of white, grey, and black.

While pigeons have multicolored feathers ranging from brown, green, dark blue, reddish-brown, white, and so on.

Doves in the wild like to stay hidden among trees and travel with their mates. In contrast, pigeons like to roam around in huge flocks in ever-changing flocks and are quite prone to travel to crowded public places and gather to eat scattered seeds.

Also, an interesting trait of the pigeons is their ability to remember locations and identify persons. In the old days, people often tied notes of messages to the feet of pigeons, and the birds would travel a great distance and deliver the message.

On the other hand, Doves are not suited for a long flight and cannot soar high while flying.


What Is a Dove?


Commonly referred to as ‘love birds,’ these are known for their melodious cooing sounds. They often symbolize peace and are released in ceremonies for peaceful beginnings. Know the differences between peace and piece.

They have stout postures, pointy tails, and shorter legs and beaks. There are many different species of doves, and the different varieties are what make them birds that can be seen anywhere in the world.

Due to their fun-loving and free-spirited nature, the birds might need a larger cage than other birds of the same size.

Most doves can live peacefully with other species of birds. Doves are primarily monogamous and have only mate for their entire life. The doves mostly eat seeds.


What Is a Pigeon?


Known for cutely bobbing their heads, these birds are social, friendly, and comfortable roaming around crowded places. They are plump, petite, billed, and have feathers of a variety of colors.

These have powerful flight muscles which allow them to soar up high in the sky and travel in flocks. Pigeons are often seen to create a beautiful formation that keeps changing depending on whether the birds want to increase their speed or decrease it.

Similar to doves, pigeons are also known to be monogamous in nature and have only one mate for life.

They are also very intelligent little creatures and can perform adorable tricks once they are trained. Pigeons can also remember humans and get accustomed to them.


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Comparison Table Between Dove and Pigeon

Below is a comparison table that will help you take a look at the differences between dove and pigeon

Parameters of Comparison Dove Pigeon
Size Doves tend to be comparatively smaller Pigeons are larger comparatively
Food Habit The majority of doves are herbivores, but some variety might eat worms Most pigeons eat only seeds
Sound Are known for melodious cooing and soothing mating call Not known for beautiful calling
Tail Pointed Rounded


Main Differences between Dove and Pigeon

  • Most doves tend to be smaller than pigeons.
  • Doves have a somewhat pointed tail, while pigeons have tails that are rounded.
  • Doves have a soothing call when they coo while pigeons are making a fragmented sound often.
  • Most doves eat seeds, but some variety might also feed on insects, while pigeons only eat seeds.


Final Words

Though it might be confusing when you see a pigeon with muted colored feathers to say whether it is a dove or a pigeon, now that you have read through our article, you should be able to spot the difference between dove and pigeon.


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